Eldan moved to SOS in early January 2024. One of our local Spanish supporters rescues dogs from poor living conditions and persuaded Eldan’s family to hand him over. 

Despite his tough start in life, Eldan is a loving, gentle dog and very trusting. We have noticed that Eldan is frightened of raised voices – almost certainly as a result of his life before SOS. He loves ball games but the ball should be rolled or thrown gently to the side which suggests that he has had things thrown directly at him. 

This easy-going and undemanding boy loves all the volunteers and gets on well with our other shelter dogs. Given the choice, he would probably choose people over other dogs but is happy either way. He walks well on the lead and enjoys his daily walks with his kennel mate, Mar. He also travels well in the car and his trips to the vet for routine health checks have been easy. 

Eldan would fit well into most family situations and would be happy as an only dog or with another canine friend. Bearing in mind his past, Eldan will need a calm home with no shouting. 

Eldan was born around December 2018, currently weighs 22 kg and is 52 cm tall. He is leishmaniasis-negative and we are in the process of obtaining his EU-issued Pet Passport. He will be ready to travel from late February 2024. 

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