Teija and Ronnie enjoying the sunshine - sponsor dogs at SOS Animals Spain

We found Teija and her puppy, Tito, on a hot day in June 2017. Although dehydrated and exhausted, it took a while to catch them. Once we got them to the shelter, our vet treated them. Tito was in good condition and it was obvious that Teija was a great mum, putting his needs above her own. Sadly, she was in poor condition, with very little hair, open sores and multiple mammary tumours and hernias on her stomach. She was also leismania positive. Our vet also diagnosed severe patella luxation on both hind legs. Poor Teija was in a lot of pain. 

Today, her tumours have gone, our vet has repaired her knees, and she has a beautiful soft fluffy coat. We manage her leismania with medication. Nicknamed Princess Teija, she is a little dog with a lot of character who adores attention and belly rubs.  She lives with Ivy and the two form a happy trio with their boyfriend Samson. 

If you would like to sponsor Teija, please contact Sarah on sarah@updogdowndog.net. You can also visit our Facebook page to get regular updates on all our dogs.

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