A kind Spanish lady found Hope running along the main road in the rain on Christmas Day. She contacted us, and we took Hope into our shelter. 

Hope was underweight and in poor condition, and had obviously been fending for herself for a while. At first, we thought she was an elderly dog, but upon examination, our vet estimates her age as around seven or eight years old. 

Although Hope is now in much better condition, she has several health conditions. For this reason, she is not eligible for adoption. 

Gentle Hope is sweet and undemanding and has settled well into shelter life. She loves people and other dogs and is a pleasure to have around. During the winter months, she wears a jumper as she feels the cold, and loves being wrapped in blankets at bedtime. 

If you would like to sponsor little Hope, please contact Sarah on sarah@updogdowndog.net. You can also visit our Facebook page to get regular updates on all our dogs.

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