Our oldest resident Hardy - sponsor dogs at SOS Animals Spain

Hardy came to SOS as a puppy in 2006 and is our longest term resident.  He loves being cuddled and pampered, and he will happily lay on his back to have his tummy rubbed. He also likes to travel in the car – anywhere, even to the vet! Hardy sometimes gets to go on ‘days out’ with the volunteers which he loves, although he is just as happy pottering around at the refuge.

Hardy likes most people and once he has decided he likes you, he will be your friend for life. Occasionally, however, he will meet someone with whom he is very uncertain and will give a very clear ‘keep away’ signal.

News Update: A lovely lady who lives locally and helps SOS at the Sunday markets has fostered Hardy. We continue to cover all financial costs, but we’re overjoyed that he finally has a home of his own.

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