Shepherd Cross siblings Zeus and his sister Atena were found as abandoned puppies in the countryside. They were taken to a local shelter, where they lived in a communal enclosure with around thirty other dogs.  

In February,  Zeus and Atena moved to SOS so that we can find them suitable homes. 

Both dogs were shy and timid to begin with, but are becoming more confident and enjoy attention and fuss from our volunteers. Lead training is going well, and they enjoy their free time in the garden and will come when called. We have started walking them separately so that they become more independent of one another. They are kind, gentle dogs who are cautious but curious. Zeus is slightly more reserved and sensitive than his sister. 

Due to their sheltered start in life, both dogs have some catching up to do in terms of environmental experiences. For this reason, we are looking for a family or families prepared to continue working with them in a kind and compassionate manner. Zeus responds best to someone who offers him calm reassurance and is committed to his continued training, and in the right setting, could be an only dog. 

Born in July 2021,  Zeus and Atena are neutered, leishmaniasis negative, and have EU-issued PET passports. Zeus is 57cm tall and currently weighs 22kg. 

Please enquire if you would like further information. 

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