Petal – Reserved

Petal was found in early December tied up to a fence close to one of the big shelters. She was cold and frightened, and it was obvious she had been abandoned. We agreed to bring Petal back to SOS where it is calm and quiet. She was not microchipped, and our vet who examined her suspects that she has been used as a breeding bitch. 

Despite a rough start in life, Petal has settled in well at SOS and has moved into the volunteer’s house. She is very clean and fully house-trained. Petal is an easy-going girl and a pleasure to have around. She can be shy when meeting new people, but once she feels comfortable, she is very affectionate and loves cuddles. As Petal becomes fitter and stronger, we are slowly building up her exercise from two short walks a dog. It is obvious that she has not spent much time outside or enjoyed daily exercise, but she loves her walks and taking in all the new sights and smells. She is also playing in the garden with a couple of our other small dogs and has good recall. 

When Petal first arrived at SOS, she would lick her legs and make them red and sore. This has stopped now that she has settled and gained confidence. She still sticks out her tongue occasionally, but this is also becoming less. 

Petal would love to be someone’s little princess, and she is a lovely little girl with a lot of love to give. Our vet estimates that Petal was probably born in 2016. She currently weighs 3.4 kg and is 24 cm tall. Her blood tests are negative, and she has now been neutered. We have begun her passport process, and she will be ready to travel in February 2024. 

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