Podenco puppy, Pedro was found with his brother Julio alone in the campo when they were about two months old. Despite being alone, both pups were in good condition. 

They are typical Podenco puppies with lots of energy, but also love to cuddle up for a long nap. They’re a cheeky pair and lots of fun. The puppies mix well with our other shelter dogs, and though cautious of new dogs or new situations, they take their lead from the older dogs. 

Pedro and Julio are now joining the older dogs for our river walks and lead walking is going well. We are finding now that they listen and learn better when they are separated. 

Julio is now reserved, but Pedro is still looking for a home. Ideally, we would like to find him a home where there is already another dog. However, he could be homed as an only dog with an active family prepared to spend lots of time with him. Either way, Pedro will need a family prepared to continue his environmental training. At the moment, he only knows life at our countryside shelter. Being a Podenco, Pedro will almost certainly develop a hunting instinct as he matures. 

The puppies were born in August 2022 and are currently 43cm tall and weigh 9kg. They are ready to travel from mid-January 2023. 

Please enquire if you would like further information. 

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