Lovely cross-breed Lola was recently handed into SOS by her heartbroken owners. Due to a change in circumstances in these difficult times, they cannot keep her. Lola has been with them since she was less than two weeks old when they took her on as an emergency foster puppy that needed bottle-feeding, and fell in love with her. Understandably, both her owners and Lola are devastated. 

Lola is slowly adapting to shelter life, but it’s hard for her. She likes spending time in the garden with the volunteers and gets on well with other dogs. Her owners told us that Lola shows some signs of a hunting instinct.  For this reason,  they were selective about where they let her off-lead. Her recall in our shelter garden is good, and we’re working on her lead walking. 

We’d love to find Lola a new home quickly as she’s never known anything other than a loving family life. In her previous home, she lived with two children, aged five and nine years, and another dog (also handed in to us) so could definitely go to a home where there are children or other dogs. 

Lola is neutered, leishmania negative and has an EU-issued PET Passport. She was born in February 2019, is 56 cm tall and currently weighs 25 kg. 

Please enquire if you would like further information. 

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