Little Ivy is a work in progress and we will only home her if we find a perfect fit for Ivy, otherwise she will stay at SOS as a sponsor dog. 

Ivy’s mother is a Podenco cross stray living on the campo, and sadly impossible to catch. A local landowner contacted SOS when her litter that included Ivy and her sister eve started disappearing, until only Ivy and Eve remained. He agreed to feed them and eventually catch them, but it took several weeks as both dogs were timid. Sadly Eve died which unsettled Ivy and it took her time to settle. 

Now she loves life at the shelter and adores the other dogs, especially Samson and Teja. It’s taken a year to get a harness on her, and she enjoys her twice daily walks with the rest of the pack. She is curious and loves exploring, but timid and easily spooked by anything new. She follows the lead of the other dogs and her confidence is growing daily as long as she has the support of another dog.

These days, Ivy is happy being close to people, and take treats from a volunteer’s hand, but she is still uncomfortable about being touched. She is not aggressive, but she is nervous about being handled. We are working little by little at Ivy’s pace by spending a few minutes each day stroking her when putting on and taking off her harness. We are making progress, but everything must be taken at Ivy’s pace in order to build her confidence. 

Ivy will need a very special home with someone experienced and well-versed in dog behaviour, and with at least one other well-mannered dog who can be her guide. She is a lovely girl with a cheeky personality who will blossom in the right environment. 

Born in September 2019, Podenco cross Ivy is 42 cm tall and weighs 11 kg. 

Please enquire if you would like further information. Ivy is also available as a sponsor dog. 

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