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Gorgeous boy Hilton is about eight months old and has been at the shelter since September 2019. A lady found him in a well whilst she was out walking her dogs. We can only assume someone had dumped him down there. He had fleas and ticks, but otherwise in good condition.

He lacked confidence and was very withdrawn, especially for a puppy, so he moved into the volunteers’ house where we worked on building his trust. 

Hilton is a calm, gentle boy who would love a home with someone who can continue to help him build confidence. He is a happy dog and would make a faithful companion.

He recently tested positive for leismania but is asymptomatic. We are treating him, and confident that his next blood results will be negative. 

Please enquire if you would like further information. 

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News update: Hilton is currently on home trial with a lovely family who moved to Spain last year.

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