One of our volunteers found Gaia, along with her sister Freya, in the campo near our shelter in September 2023. We made enquiries, and it transpired some locals had been feeding the sisters and they had been living alone and fending for themselves for some time. 

Luckily, we were able to catch both dogs, although Gaia was more cautious than her sister. Now happily settled into shelter life, Gaia and Freya have gained weight and are slowly gaining confidence, although this is a work in process. 

The sisters have gentle natures and are curious to investigate new things but at their own pace. Gaia remains the more cautious of the two. They get on well with our other shelter dogs, enjoy spending time with our volunteers, and are keen to learn. Lead training and basic recall are also going well. 

Gaia is a lovely girl who is ready for their own family. She will need a home with someone who will continue to help her build confidence at her own pace, and commit to ongoing environmental and social training. A home where there is another stable, confident dog would be ideal but not essential. 

Our vet estimates that Mastin/Galgo mix Gaia was born in May 2023. She is currently 56cm tall and weighs 20kg and still growing. She holds an EU-issued Pet Passport and is ready to travel from late December 2023. 

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