Carlos and his brother Diego came to SOS at the beginning of April 2021, brought in from the local pound by a volunteer. The dogs originally had a home but in what was described as an ‘unstable environment’ and spent most of their young lives outside roaming the countryside. 

Carlos is a lovely little dog and adapting well to shelter life. He is attached to the volunteer who rescued him from the pound and gets very excited when he sees her car. He’s good with our other volunteers but is still wary which is understandable, given his background. We are working on building his trust and, with each day, he is becoming more relaxed around people. 

Diego and Carlos share a kennel with Teija and Ivy which works well. He’s good with most other dogs, except with one or two dominant males when he has reacted through fear. He is also very protective of his shy little brother. 

He walks well on the lead, and responds well to reward-based training, particularly as he loves food and treats. We’re house-training him at the moment, and he spends time each day in the volunteer’s house. 

Carlos needs a loving and patient family who will reassure him and continue to teach him that life is good and people are kind. With the right people, this little lad will flourish. 

Our vet estimates that Carlos was born around May 2018. He is 34 cm tall and currently weighs 10 kg. 

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