Beautiful Cocker Spaniel Angus has been living at our shelter since January 2023. Angus lived with his previous owners from a puppy until Christmas. Sadly, his previous owner’s circumstances changed, and he was handed into a local shelter for rehoming. 

Angus has adapted to life at the shelter, but it is not easy for him, and we would love to find him a new home soon. He mixes well with our other dogs, is great on our walks, loves swimming, and adores his ball. 

Angus is generally very friendly and affectionate with our volunteers. However, the ever-changing volunteers and dog friends that are a part of shelter life are unsettling for Angus. Most of the time, he is a typical easy-going spaniel, but he does have a tendency to try to choose his ‘special person’ and can become quite protective, especially if he is unsure or upset. This manifests itself as standing close to his chosen person and giving a low growl.  We are working on this behaviour by reassuring Angus and teaching him with kindness that it is not necessary to guard. However, we do feel that Angus needs a home with someone or a couple with plenty of experience and patience, and who will help Angus to build his confidence again. He is a lovely dog who we suspect is carrying some emotional scars from his past on top of a huge upheaval in his life. 

Born in August 2020, Angus weighs 16kg and is 46cm tall. He holds an EU-registered Pet passport, is neutered, and is negative for any Mediterranean diseases. 

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