Santino came to SOS1 in July 2017 from a local lady who lives inland and does her best to help the Spanish strays. She also rescues puppies from the killing stations and Santino is one of those lucky ones.

Born early in 2017, Santino is a beautiful dog, both in terms of looks and character. He has an incredibly gentle nature and although initially cautious around people when he first arrived, he is growing in confidence each day and responding well to affection. He loves to play with his kennel mates and we have noticed that being around some of these more confident dogs is having a positive influence on him and he grows happier and more playful each day. He walks nicely on the lead, is learning some basic commands and is easy to bathe.

Santino is looking for a family who will continue to build his confidence using soft methods. He would do well in a home with another dog although this is not essential. He is a lovely dog who will make a fantastic companion for anyone prepared to spend some time and effort in developing his confidence.

Santino has been adopted and on 12th October, he flew to Sweden to begin a wonderful new life with his new family.