Ronnie dogs for adoption SOS Animals Spain

Ronnie is a little dog with a big personality. A friend of SOS found him living on a track by some bins at the start of 2017. She brought him to the shelter after noticing that he needed medical attention. Ronnie was in poor condition with painful bleeding and ulcerated ears. Blood tests revealed that he was also Leishmania positive. Our vet treated him, and he is now in good health. We manage the Leishmania with very effective and affordable medication. 

He has settled into shelter life, responds well to kindness, enjoys his walks, plays well with his kennel mates and loves his food. Perhaps, given his time living off bin scraps, Ronnie sometimes finds random items of rubbish whilst out on his walks and, if of particular interest, will pick them up and carry them home. 

This endearing little boy was born in 2015/2016. He weighs 9kg and is 34 cm tall. 

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