In early January, an SOS volunteer found Naomi running on a busy road in the nearby town. She seemed lost and was in danger of being hit by a car, so our volunteer brought her back to the shelter. Though her health was good, she was underweight. 

Naomi didn’t have a microchip and despite advertising her on social media, nobody claimed her. It transpired that Naomi had been wandering the streets for several weeks before we picked her up.

She settled quickly at SOS and is a calm, gentle dog who gets on well with our other dogs and loves to play. She’s an affectionate dog who enjoys fuss but is not demanding. Naomi enjoys her twice daily walks and is good both on and off lead, she’s also great in the car. 

This big gentle girl would work well with a family that is prepared to continue working with some reward-based training. It shouldn’t be a difficult job as she’s eager to learn and quite food orientated. Naomi’s a young dog and sometimes forgets how big she is, so she may be better-suited to a home without young children. 

Our vet has confirmed that Naomi is a maximum of two years old and estimates her birthday around February 2019. She is 69 cm tall and currently weighs 35 kg. She is neutered, health-checked, leishmania negative, and we are in the process of organising her passport. 

Please enquire if you would like further information. 

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