Miro was found in a ditch when he was about six weeks old. Although very thin, he had no injuries and was otherwise healthy. The kind lady who found him kept him until he was three months old but she knew she could not keep him as her dogs are elderly and Miro is a lively young pup. 

A Podenco x Galgo, Miro is funny and affectionate and loves the other shelter dogs and all the volunteers. He likes nothing better than to cuddle up on someone’s lap or on top of one of the bigger dogs. 

Miro loves living at SOS and is lucky enough to be living in the volunteer house as we felt this would be an easier transition for him after living with the lady who found him for six weeks. He loves playtime and toys and often carries one around in his mouth. Miro is learning social skills from out other dogs and is curious and eager. He is almost 100% house-trained now and comes when he is called. 

We think that Miro would do well in a family where there is another dog who could act as his mentor and role model, and with a family prepared to give Miro the environmental training to manage the big wide world confidently. 

Miro was born in December 2022, currently weighs 9kg and is 42cm tall. He is still growing though and may get quite big – it is too soon to tell. He will be ready to travel in May 2023. 

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