One of our volunteers found Manuel lying by the side of the road one evening in February 2021. Although he was alert, he couldn’t move, so we brought him back to our shelter. He was hungry and thirsty, but in good spirits and didn’t appear to be in pain, so we let him rest for the evening. 

Our vet examined Manuel and took X-Rays so that we could find out what was wrong. Although Manuel’s hips show some signs of displacia common in his breed mix, the X-Rays were not as bad as we feared. The marks around Manuel’s neck indicate that he has lived chained or tied up for some time and as a result has weak, underdeveloped muscles. 

At first, Manuel preferred to lie in the garden in between playing with some of our other dogs. After two weeks, he was able to manage a short walk, and after five weeks, he is happily going for two walks each day as well as playing. His strength has improved dramatically and his cheeky personality has surfaced. 

Manuel is now looking for a home with someone committed to helping him continue to build muscle strength and joint health through sensible exercise. Good quality food and supplements to support his joints are essential.  He is a lovely young dog who will make a loyal and loving companion. 

Manuel was born around January 2020 and currently weighs 31 kg. His EU Pet Passport application is in process, and he can travel for the right home. 

Please enquire if you would like further information. 

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