Katy, and her brother Luis, were less than eight weeks old when they were handed into the municipal perrera. We had space in our puppy kennel so this lucky pair came to live at SOS in April 2023.

Both pups are affectionate and fun-loving. They are also smart and keen to learn. Although similar in personality, Katy is the more forward and braver of the two. They have just started joining the older dogs on the daily river walk, which Katy adores.

The pups have lovely, gentle natures and would fit well into most families, including those with children. They can be homed separately as they are not dependent on each other. Continued social and environmental training is a must as the pups have only known shelter life. 

Katy and Luis were born in February 2023, and Katy currently weighs 11kg and is 45cm tall. She will be medium-sized when fully grown. We have begun the EU-issued Pet Passport process and they will be ready to travel from the end of July. 

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