Erik is a wonderful dog who has stolen the hearts of our volunteers. He is loving and affectionate and loves sitting on laps for cuddles. He gets on well with our other shelter dogs and is playful and funny. Not only that, but he loves to relax in his bed with his blanket and watch the world go by. Erik walks nicely on the lead and enjoys his daily walks to the river. This is when his true podenco instincts become apparent, as he loves to hunt in the long grass. 

We think Erik is a dumped hunting dog, as he was in poor condition and very thin. Now he is in great condition and ready to become someone’s special boy. He is a lovely, healthy young dog with a lot of love to give. The only negative thing about Erik is that he isn’t great with cats.

He has an EU-issued passport and is ready to travel. 

Erik was born around May 2020, is 50cm tall, and currently weighs 12kg. 

Please enquire if you would like further information. 

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