Chico arrived at our shelter recently after he was found wandering on the road in an inland village. He is not microchipped and, despite appeals, no owner came forward. 

This loving and affectionate little guy has settled well into shelter life. He gets on well with our other dogs, but he definitely prefers human contact. Whilst he spends the day in the kennels and gardens, he has moved into the volunteer house at night, which he loves. We are convinced that Chico is a dumped pet; he gets anxious if he cannot see one of the volunteers. This is happening less often as he becomes more confident and settled. 

Chico would love to be someone’s special little boy. He is an easy-going little dog but should be with a family where he will not be left alone on a regular basis. 

Our vet estimates Pinscher mix Chico to be about two years old. He is 34cm tall and currently weighs 6.5kg. 

We have begun the EU-issued Pet Passport process, and he will be ready to travel in early December 2023. 

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