Chica is a lovely, gentle girl whose elderly owner sadly died in February 2021. Chica came to him as a puppy, and lived on an olive finca where she mixed harmoniously with two other dogs, six cats and a donkey. She was also fine with the neighbour’s pigs and goats. 

She is living temporarily with her elderly owner’s friend, but she cannot keep her as she is returning to the UK. Furthermore, she describes Chica as a gentle and loving dog without a bad bone in her body, and is heartbroken that she cannot keep her. 

We’d love to find Chica a new home, ideally somewhere rural  with a garden and other animals, and with someone who can give her lots of love. 

Chica is six-years old and neutered. She had a litter of puppies some years ago, and her owner described her as an excellent mother. 

Please enquire if you would like further information. 

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